Probate FAQs

At Norfolk Will Writing, we’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received from clients on various cases which may be of help on the topic of Probate.

Do I need probate?
What happens if you don’t apply for probate?
How long does probate take if there is a will?
Is there a deadline to complete probate?
What are the two different processes associated with probate?
How much will probate cost?
What needs to be done during probate?
When should probate begin?
How do I obtain a copy of the deceased’s original will?
Can I obtain probate without a will?
Do you need to use a Solicitor for probate?
What is the difference between an Executor and a Trustee?
What happens in the event that a named Executor has died?
Do all of the Executors need to get probate?
What are the Inheritance Tax and other deadlines I should be aware of?
Can the terms of a Will be changed after the person dies?

Professional Probate Support

If you’re concerned about the amount of work involved in Probate, you can instruct a professional Probate Specialist such as us to take care of the Estate Administration on your behalf. With our full probate service, our Probate Specialists can take care of all of the legal, tax and administrative work on your behalf, ensuring that all deadlines are met along the way.