Essentials Package

All you need for peace of mind with our essentials package

Our Essentials package includes all of the things that our clients have asked for:

  • We register your Will with Certainty, the main national will database. This is always recommended and will ensure that when a search is made, your Will comes to light so that your wishes can be executed.
  • You can update your Will once every year at no extra cost. These updates can include changes to executors, beneficiaries, addresses, specific gifts or a change in how the balance of your estate is left.
  • Advice to your executors – when your family need help the most, we will provide guidance to your executors as to how best to effect your wishes.
  • We will store your will along with any other important documents, such as life insurance policies, trusts and property deeds. We hear of many people who lose these important documents, perhaps when they move house or they keep them in a safe place that may be forgotten over time.
  • We will provide you with updates to any changes in laws that may mean you should consider changes to your will or other estate planning.